Laura Harris

Laura Harris, co-owner and consultant is in a very unique position, after experiencing hair loss on and off for 20 years due to health issues, completely understands the importance and the impact hair loss can have on one self. Clients take great comfort and are immediately put at ease knowing that Laura fully understands and empathise the importance of what they are experiencing.

“Hair loss can lead to massive changes in the way you perceive yourself personally and socially, at home, at school and at work. Those who do not and have not suffered from hair loss have very little understanding of the impact it can have on someone.

I have learned over the years that getting that right hair is only a small part of the solution. But to be able to deal with the psychological impact on ones self-image and self-confidence when faced with hair loss, whether its due to hair thinning, female pattern baldness or chemotherapy/radiotherapy, is a huge part of dealing with hair loss.

With close to 30 years, listening to my client on how they approach hair loss, my knowlegde and understanding, enables me to be able to help and provide my clients with the skills, techniques, hints and tips of wearing and maintaining their new hair and most importanly, advise on how you can take back control your self confidence and self image.

One thing to remember is YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Gill Moloney

Gill started her career with Peter Mark when she was 16 and, while she loved hairdressing, after 23 years she knew she wanted to do something more.
When her aunt was going through chemotherapy, Gill was amazed at how beautiful and normal her hair care team made her feel and realized that this was the career change she was looking for.

While taking various hairloss related courses in the UK, Gill decided to volunteer, on her day off, to work alongside Laura. She was able to learn the practical skill of looking after wigs and most importantly, the psychology of how hairloss affects us. After 2 years, Gill officially joined the Snips Team and, together with Laura, has become a specialist in helping woman with hairloss.
Gill attends regular training and information seminars which cover the latest education on hairpieces, cap repairs, alterations and hair maintenance. This year, she has attended a 4 day hair integration system course  in Spain. This means that Gill can advise on personalising the look and fit of toppers integrated into your own hair. Gill has also completed a part time course at UCD, learning the Biology of human hair growth.

Gill has been actively wearing hair for the last 4 years as a result of hairloss from hormonal issues, so fully understands how you are feeling.